Your Pregnancy Wasn’t Planned?

Your Pregnancy Wasn’t Planned?

    So you think you might be pregnant and emotions are rushing through your head. Excitement, nervousness, confusion, frustration or hopelessness are just a few of the emotions some people experience. Everyone feels differently about pregnancy, and if this is your first time being pregnant you may be asking the question, “Now what?” The first step would be to make sure that you are pregnant.

    How Do I Know If I Am Pregnant?

      There are two different ways to see if you are pregnant. You can take a urine test that can be done at home, at our facility or a doctor’s office. These tests are typically accurate, when done correctly. These tests can be taken 3-4 days before your missed period, but it is recommended to take the day of a missed period. The other type of test is a blood test, which is done at a doctor’s office or a health clinic. This test can be taken 7-12 days after conception. If you receive a positive urine test, it is recommended to go to the doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

      I’m Pregnant. What Choices Do I Have?

    Deciding what to do about an unexpected pregnancy can be very difficult. There is a lot to think about. When looking at your options, consider your personal situation and your beliefs. You have several options:
    Co-Parenting or Single Parenting: This may be a tough decision, but with the help of different resources and programs this can be a great choice.
    Adoption: If you are not at a point in your life where you are ready to start a family, there are many people who are ready to adopt a child.
    Abortion: Being pregnant can be scary and you may feel alone. Everyone may have an opinion about your pregnancy. Be sure to find out all the facts and information about an abortion before considering one.

    How Do I Make a Decision?

      It can be very difficult to make a decision about your pregnancy. We encourage you to do 4 things when making a decision.
      1. Do your research. Learn about all your options and how they would impact you. The best decision is an informed decision.
      2. Talk to a neutral party. Everyone will give you their opinion and it may be hard to make a choice with people forcing you into a decision. Find somewhere that will share the facts about each option.
      3. You have time to make your decision. With all options you have time. Make sure that you are comfortable with your choice and have had time to pursue all your options. Feel 100% confident about your decision.
      4. Go see a doctor. It is important that you find out that this is a viable pregnancy. You can check the baby’s heartbeat, learn how far along you are, and if the baby is inside the uterus or an ectopic pregnancy. Continue to make your doctor’s appointments even if you have not decided what choice to make with your pregnancy.

      While you are making your decision, be sure to take good care of yourself.

        Don’t drink alcohol.
        Don’t smoke.
        Don’t do drugs.
        Eat healthy.
        Don’t take any medicines without first talking to your doctor.
        Get plenty of rest.
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