Keeping Kids Safe One Product at a Time

You’re expecting and you just purchased the top rated infant product, as you open the box and pull out the item you notice a post card to fill out and you either ignore it or throw it away… Stop and please fill out that post card (you don’t even need a stamp!).  You’re probably thinking, “Why do I need to fill out that card if I just purchased a top rated product for my infant or child?”  It’s all about the safety of your child.  Even the very best products can be recalled!  Registration cards are simple to fill out and only take a moment.

According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission this is why you should register your products:

Why should I register my product?

Registering your child’s product will allow manufacturers to contact you directly if the product has been recalled. Direct to consumer notification is the best way consumers who own a product can find out about recalls. In addition to requiring the cards, manufacturers are also required to use the information when there is a recall. You won’t have to rely on catching the news the day of the recall to learn of it anymore.

  • Too many consumers never find out that a product they have in their home is recalled.
  • Not knowing about a recall can have life altering consequences.
  • Filling out these cards could save a life or prevent an injury. That’s why the law that requires this notification system is named for Danny Keysar, a 16 month old boy who died in a recalled crib. There was no product registration process at the time and the crib’s owner never learned of the recall.
  • Only information necessary to identify the product and get the information to you correctly is requested.
  • This information cannot be used for marketing or other commercial purposes. So your privacy will be protected.

“And thanks to the “Danny Keysar Child Product Safety Notification Act,” today’s registration cards for infant and toddler products are not to be used for marketing.  The information requested; including the brand and model of the product and your e-mail address, must only be used to notify you in the event of a recall.”(  We want our children to be safe and filling out product registration cards is a quick and easy way to do that!

What if you purchase an infant or child product used, is there any way to know if it is safe or been recalled?  Yes!!

Here are links to websites you can use to learn about recalls:

United States Consumer Products Commission:

On this website you will find a list of current recalls and you can also search items you own for recalls.  You can search by item, company or country where manufactured.  When you find a recalled item the site explains why the item is being recalled, the remedy for the item (repair), contact information of the company, and it also allows you to report an incident involving this product.

Additional resources:

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