Fun Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

Expecting a baby is exciting! And if you are like me, you want to document all the moments and have those memories captured for years to come. There are many ways to document your pregnancy and there really is no wrong way of doing this; just make sure you do it! It’s great to look back and watch your baby belly grow! And your kids will love looking at these things too!

But remember to find the method that you most enjoy and will be most meaningful for you later. Consider your talents when choosing a method for documenting your pregnancy. Are you artistic? Do you have computer skills? Do you write well and enjoy writing? The answers to these questions will help you find the best way to create a lasting record of your pregnancy.

Lord knows you are not going to remember all the little details once you have that baby, so you will be very glad you documented about it. There are multiple fun ways to document your pregnancy.

Below are 10 ideas to document your pregnancy.

  1. Complete a pregnancy journal: A pregnancy journal is a great way to write down what you’re feeling throughout pregnancy, and buying a ready-made one helps encourage writing through prompts. You can purchase ones like, Getting to Know You or The Belly Book.
  2. Email your baby: If you know your baby’s name you can create an email account for them and send them emails throughout your pregnancy. This is another simple idea for the mom on the go.
  3. Letters to baby: Write letters to your growing baby each week with how you are feeling, and thoughts on meeting them. You can include a photo each week as well. Monthly is also an option if you’re short on time.
  4. Scrapbook: Print photos from your pregnancy and hand write mementos from your pregnancy to add to your scrapbook.
  5. Make a digital pregnancy scrapbook: If you’re lacking the crafty bug to make one with little paper cutouts, you may enjoy using a computer template to make your digital pregnancy scrapbook. You can get a head start by creating one through a site like Shutterfly.
  6. Create an online pregnancy journal: If you want something a little more inclusive, you can create and online pregnancy journal, which automatically saves your documentations and other’s comments in such a way that is easy to download and print at a later time.
  7. Video documentation: Create a fun time-lapse video using still photos, or shoot a couple seconds of your pregnancy here and there over nine months, talking about how you feel, and thoughts about the pregnancy. Then compile it all at the end. Make it fun; you’re sure to look back and laugh someday.
  8. Get a maternity photoshoot: With all this talk of photos, don’t forget to set a time to get some pregnancy shots taken. Embrace, celebrate and enjoy this special time. These can be professionally done or taken by a family member, friend or loved one.
  9. Weekly updates on chalkboards: Get artistic and use a chalkboard to keep track of how far along you are. Decorate it every week with little notes about your growing baby. Have it around your home as a fun reminder for how far along you are, and take a weekly picture to see how you grow from week to week.
  10. Take Instagrams: If you’re too busy for most of these ideas, one you’re almost sure to have time for is taking a weekly selfie photo on your camera phone. You can save to instagram to make sure it’s stored, and even print them all out at a later date using a site like Keepsey.

Have fun tracking and sharing your pregnancy milestones!

*Birthline offers a Scrapbooking class through our Stepping Stones program, for current clients, providing the parent(s)-to-be a way to capture & document their pregnancy. Call the Birthline office for more info or to sign up!

– Birthline Staff Member

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