Birthline Welcomes New Executive Director

I am pleased to announce we have hired our new Executive Director, Michael Stalboerger.  He begins his work with us this week.  Michael comes to us with non-profit experience, humility, passion and is eager to serve this mission. Michael grew up the 5th of 7 children on a family dairy farm in Central Minnesota. Enjoying athletics […]

Visitors After Giving Birth

The birth of your child is exciting for your family and friends, I understand.  And, those same people will be your support as you venture through the first stages of motherhood and your baby’s infancy so it’s in your best interest to maintain a good relationship with them. However…..remember this:  You literally just birthed a […]

Finding The Right Doctor

You’re expecting and you just had your first visit with your OBGYN. You may have left feeling upset that your doctor wasn’t exactly what you had hoped for or expected. You’re not alone! Many expecting mothers have felt this way. Many also feel that they have no choice but to stay with their doctor they […]

Your Pregnancy Wasn’t Planned?

Your Pregnancy Wasn’t Planned? So you think you might be pregnant and emotions are rushing through your head. Excitement, nervousness, confusion, frustration or hopelessness are just a few of the emotions some people experience. Everyone feels differently about pregnancy, and if this is your first time being pregnant you may be asking the question, “Now […]