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Forgiveness- A choice for yourself

The Power of Forgiveness Forgiveness is generally described as a conscious and deliberate decision to release the feelings of resentment or vengeance towards others who may have harmed you. Forgiveness can be extremely difficult to grant others as we get stuck in justifying whether or not the other person actually deserves our forgiveness. Now to […]

Porn and the Facts

Porn and The Facts Pornography is a growing industry and the statistics are alarming. At one time porn was not seen to have negative side effects for your health, but now the truth is alarming. Check out this article from fightthenewdrug.org to see the progression of porn and how it is impacting our generation.   […]

Keeping Kids Safe One Product at a Time

You’re expecting and you just purchased the top rated infant product, as you open the box and pull out the item you notice a post card to fill out and you either ignore it or throw it away… Stop and please fill out that post card (you don’t even need a stamp!).  You’re probably thinking, […]

Finding The Right Doctor

You’re expecting and you just had your first visit with your OBGYN. You may have left feeling upset that your doctor wasn’t exactly what you had hoped for or expected. You’re not alone! Many expecting mothers have felt this way. Many also feel that they have no choice but to stay with their doctor they […]

Your Pregnancy Wasn’t Planned?

Your Pregnancy Wasn’t Planned? So you think you might be pregnant and emotions are rushing through your head. Excitement, nervousness, confusion, frustration or hopelessness are just a few of the emotions some people experience. Everyone feels differently about pregnancy, and if this is your first time being pregnant you may be asking the question, “Now […]